Privacy Notice

Allegiance to the Privacy of Patients and Clients

  • This statement is in compliance of LIPA MEDIX MEDICAL CENTER with Republic Act No. 10173 (Data Privacy Act of 2012); “an Act protecting individual personal information in information and communications systems in the government and private sector, creating for this purpose a National Privacy Commission, and for other purposes”.
  • This statement establishes a documented procedure on how LIPA MEDIX MEDICAL CENTER collects, uses, discloses, and manages the personal information given by its patients, clients, and other personnel.
  • This statement also explains how the personal information is being processed by LIPA MEDIX MEDICAL CENTER and its available services.

Collection of Personal Information

The specific personal information with consent of patients and clients may be obtained every time they visit LIPA MEDIX MEDICAL CENTER through filling-out of Hospital official forms, interviews, and other forms of correspondences which includes the following:

  • Name, age, residence address, office address, contact details, e-mail address gender, birthday, birth place, citizenship, religion, Philhealth number, Social Security System number/Government Service Insurance System number, and insurance details; if available
  • Health information including present medical history, medications, treatments, weight, height, blood type, and genetic which includes family medical history records
  • Results of ancillary and diagnostic examination results
  • Name of Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) or affiliated companies, if available

Utilization and Acknowledgement of Personal Information

LIPA MEDIX MEDICAL CENTER utilizes the personal information for the following objectives:

  • To be used in providing necessary information that are vital for medical, ancillary, and diagnostic requirements; LIPA MEDIX MEDICAL CENTER may disclose these medical information to physicians and healthcare providers
  • To communicate with health professionals, HMOs, and affiliated companies
  • For billing and payment purposes
  • For investigation reasons; if necessary
  • For concerted efforts with other medical health contributors; if necessary

Access to Personal Information

The following will have access to your personal information for the purposes stated above:

  • Medical personnel, non-medical personnel, and other healthcare providers are authorized by LIPA MEDIX MEDICAL CENTER and will have access to the personal information for the review and update of patients’ medical records
  • All Units/Sections/Departments/Divisions of LIPA MEDIX MEDICAL CENTER who will need your personal information needed in the disposition of medical care; if necessary and share personal information across the different departments of LIPA MEDIX MEDICAL CENTER.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Aside from the use of personal information as mentioned at Utilization and Acknowledgement of Personal Information, disclosure of personal information will only be established with proper authorization of patients and clients unless LIPA MEDIX MEDICAL CENTER is permitted or required by existing laws and regulations pursuant to court orders or tribunal arrangement. Disclosure of personal information may be used by LIPA MEDIX MEDICAL CENTER to protect its interest, to have an access to patient registry; consent was given by patients or clients to share his or her personal information to third parties, with HMOs and affiliated companies, and with service providers of LIPA MEDIX MEDICAL CENTER with agreement to guard the personal information’s restrictions.

Security and Preservation of Personal Information

LIPA MEDIX MEDICAL CENTER ensures that the personal information is being safeguarded and necessary measures are designed to protect them and uphold its restrictions, principles, and accessibility.  LIPA MEDIX MEDICAL CENTER develops and sustains a database of records in different offices and this Privacy Notice always pertains to the personal information that LIPA MEDIX MEDICAL CENTER collects.

Amendment to Privacy Notice

In compliance with government, regulatory requirements, and other legal or legitimate purposes, LIPA MEDIX MEDICAL CENTER may adjust or amend this Privacy Notice.

Contact Information

If you have queries or concerns regarding this Privacy Notice, you may reach the below-mentioned contact person:

Name: Dr. Jose Rene D. de Grano
Position: President and CEO
Office Address: JP Laurel Highway, Balintawak, Lipa City, Batangas 4217
Contact Numbers: (043) 756-1190 / 2342 / 2372 / 3008 / 5094 / 5122 / 784-0450