Industrial Health Clinic


IMG_7458The Industrial Health Clinic had been established by Lipa Medix Medical Center to provide comprehensive Occupational and Medical services to workers of small, medium, and large businesses and industries. It has been renovated and relocated to a much bigger area at the 2nd Floor of the Main Building to be of better quality service among clients. Services include but are not limited to the following:

I. Health Services
A. Pre employment, Pre-placement Medical Examination and Evaluation
B. Annual, Periodic, Medical Examinations
C. Mobile Medical Physical Examination: This refers to the conduction of the Physical Medical
Examination in the company’s premises which includes Mobile X-Ray, Laboratories and Medical
Examination. The purpose of the Mobile Physical Examination is to prevent loss of company time by
eliminating the time spent in commuting to and from the hospital.

II. Components of the Pre-placement / Annual Medical Examination
A. Physical Examination
B. Complete Blood Count
C. Chest X-Ray
D. Urinalysis and Fecalysis

III. Component of Periodic / Special Medical Examination
A. Visual Acuity/ Ishihara Test
B. Audiometric Examination (Hearing Test)
C. Chest X-Ray
D. Pulmonary Studies
E. Breast Ultrasound and Mammography
F. Liver/ Lipid Profile Test
G. Lead Level Determination
H. Hepatic Profile or Hepatitis Screening
I. Drug Test
J. Thyroid Test
K. Gynecologic Examination/ Pap Smear
L. PSA Quantitative

IV. Immunizations/ Vaccinations
A. Influenza
B. Pneumonia
C. Cervical
D. Tetanus and Others

V. Results within 24/ 48 hours

VI. Executive Check-Up Packages

VII. Staff and Personnel
A. The Industrial Health Physicians are in active practice of Occupational Medicine and fully accredited Diplomates and Fellows of the Philippine College of Occupational Medicine.

We currently serve companies of all sizes and we tailor our services to meet your company’s individual needs.

For more information regarding Industrial Health Clinic’s Services, please contact us at
(043) 756-2342/ 756-2372 local 1012.