Neurobehavioral Science

The Department of Neurobehavioral Sciences of the LMMC is a full service psychiatric facility which functions to help patients recover from their psychiatric ailments and guides them in their reintegration back into society.

The department offers a balanced and personalized treatment plan, taking into account the individual patients’ need for assistance and treatment. Strict confidentiality is also observed to protect the patient’s right to privacy. Inter-personal skills development is also emphasized in order to achieve a smooth transition into society upon discharge. The facility is manned by trained professional nurses and nursing attendants with a Medical Staff consisting of Diplomates and Fellows of the Philippine Neurologic Association and the Philippine Psychiatric Association.

• Adult Psychiatry
• Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
• Neurology

• Inpatient evaluation and management of mental health problems
• Outpatient evaluation and management of mental health problems
• Psychiatric consultation and treatment
• Drug detoxification and treatment of drug related disorders

• A closed psychiatric ward with round the clock professional staff
• EEG machine
• CT Scan

The Department’sCorporate Social Responsibilty(CSR):
• Regular lectures given in cooperation with the different non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and professional groups
• Psychiatric screening and consultation in cooperation with the PMHA, Batangas Chapter