ICU (Intensive Care Unit)

The Lipa Medix Medical Center Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is a specialized area equipped with monitoring, diagnostic and therapeutic devices. The ICU is designed to provide intensive observation, continuous monitoring and care for cardiac and non-cardiac medical, surgical, obstetric and pediatric patients who are in an unstable vital condition or who may urgently require life support systems. The unit provides ongoing critical care for all patients with acute and life threatening diseases or injuries. It provides state-of-the-art facilities and has a 12-bed capacity. With a multi-disciplinary approach to patient care, we provide professional management, treating patients with compassion and respect they deserve in accordance to the Institution’s core values.
• (1) Pediatric Unit
• (1) Isolation Unit
• (2) Surgical Units
• (4) Coronary Care Units with provision for patients undergoing hemodialysis
• (3) Neurology Units
• (1) High Risk Pregnancy Unit
• Central and Cardiac Monitor (continuous top-of-the-line cardiac and multi parameter physiologic non-invasive and optional invasive monitor linked into a centralized system with dedicated monitoring personnel)
• Wall-mounted suction, oxygen and compressed air provided in each room
• Mini Central Supply and pharmacy units
• Nurse’s Station with access to central monitor
• Hemodialysis access for patients who undergo hemodynamics
• (22) Advance Infusion Pumps designed to combine high level of safety & performance
• Mechanical ventilator for cases requiring mechanical support.
• Equipment to maintain the airway, including laryngoscopes and endotracheal tubes, tracheostomy set.
• Emergency resuscitative equipment including defibrillation with transcutaneous pacing capability.
• Equipment to support hemodynamically unstable patients, including infusion pumps, blood warmer & pressure.
• Central venous pressure monitoring
• Peritoneal dialysis

• American Heart Association (AHA) 2010 guidelines trained Staff performing Advance Cardio-Pulmonary Support
• Association of Nursing Service Administrators of the Philippines (ANSAP) trained IV Therapy Staff
• Former member of the Philippine Society of Emergency Care Nurses, Inc.

Standard Equipment per Room
1. Electric Bed with side rails
2. Bedside cardiac monitor (attached BP cuffs, temperature, oxisensor, 3 & 5 lead ECG)
3. Bedside table, cabinet and over bed tables
4. Piped-in oxygen, compressed air and suction machine
5. IV hooks and IV stand
6. Infusion pump / Syringe pump
7. Bag Valve Masks
8. Individual split-type air conditioning unit
9. Pre-filled sterile water for oxygen inhalation