Lipa Medix Medical Center aims to provide good healthcare service to patients with quality and affordable laboratory examinations which aid the physician in the diagnosis and will give reliable and accurate results for early detection of the disease.

Lipa Medix Medical Center, one of the biggest healthcare centers in Lipa City, has advance and fully automated laboratory equipment that will cater to the patient’s needs for the diagnosis and early detection of the disease. It will also be a reference laboratory which will provide reliable and accurate results with its trained and skilled personnel.

Lipa Medix Medical Center Laboratory is a DOH accredited tertiary laboratory with highly trained, competent and board certified Medical Technologists and equipped with fully automated laboratory equipment. The laboratory department provides 24-hour service with a wide range of quality and affordable laboratory services with its new and convenient reception and extraction areas.

Regular Participation in EQAP
• EQAS in Serology
• EQAS in Clinical Chemistry
• EQAS in Hematology
• NEQAS in Microbiology
• NEQAS / Proficiency Testing in Drug Test

• Clinical Microscopy / Parasitology
• Hematology
• Clinical Chemistry
• Serology / Immunology / Blood Bank
• Microbiology
• Histopathology
• Industrial Section

Other Services
• Drug Test
• HIV Test
• G6PD Confirmator